Are you a Sex Sensai?


Do you give good advice? Or are you a dipshit when it comes to telling your buddies what you do? Think you’re all that? Take our quiz for bragging rights.


Sex Sensai Wannabe

Oh... little grasshopper. Though you believe you have much to offer to your students, you still have much to learn. Talk less and listen more and find a Sex Sensai of your own. In the bedroom, you should ask questions during and after, pay more attention to her body and generally check your ego at the door. When it comes to sex you can always get better.


Master of Sex

You are a master of sexual knowledge. Use your power well. There are so many amateurs who need you to learn your secrets. Think of how many orgasms, how many great locker-room tales, how many happy sighs of contentment you could indirectly cause by spreading your wisdom? Go forth and change lives, Sensai. You are a god.


Much to Learn

Really? You don’t know anything? You need to listen and listen hard. Forget finding a friend to help with advice. Find a willing, talkative woman and spend six months in her bed trying everything you can think of and listening to feedback. Watch porn. Read articles. Buy toys. You need to find your path. It starts in bed.