Hey, is your platonic girlfriend trying to bang you?


Can men and women be friends? Sure. But is a particular girl-friend trying to get into your pants? Or is head that’s all in your head? Take our quiz for some friendly direction.


Yes, she's trying to bang you.

Um, wake up! Your friend wants you. You need to ask yourself a few key questions here: a) do you want to? and b) what are the consequences? It's possible that your bud wants to date you, or she just wants a booty call. Ever heard of friends with benefits? It could be yours.


Nope, she loves you like a brother.

No worries here. This is one of the best kinds of friendship. You get the benefit of a close girl pal and the opportunity to have a female opinion in on any clothing, chick-based or mom-related problems. You have achieved a true platonic female friendship so, pat yourself on the back. Every real man needs a few women to balance his perspective.


Maybe... You're trying to bang her?

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, dude. You’re not in friendship mode for the right reasons. Think about how much this person means to you and pick a path – either tell her you want to get it on, or banish the thought and truly contemplate the benefits and drawbacks of this friendship. Get on the level.