Are you out of her league?


Got the hots for a real hottie? Are you maybe playing with fire? Take our quiz to help you decide.



That girl is currently out of your league. And you're in the stands looking longingly at the players who know how to play. Girls aren't rocket science and so much of it is attitude. A little self-improvement will make you feel great about yourself. When you decide she’s in your league, you’re right.



Years of training have brought you to this spot: the Major League Player. You have a healthy sense of yourself, feel positive about your lady-related skills and abilities... plus, you're crushing on a girl who you have a lot in common with. You’re in the right game at the right time.


A League of Your Own

You make your own rules. You may not have a lot of admirers, but when you turn your unique attention to a special woman... she very well might decide that she's your biggest fan. Go forth and be your suave, assured self. Well played, Sir.