Do you get blown?


No no, we don’t mean “being out of breath.” Not that kind of “blown,” although … for what we really mean, the best kind of blowjob will leave you huffing and puffing in ecstasy. So cum on, are you deserving of Good Sir Felatio?


Totally blown!

You, sir, get all the best things in life. You have the touch and are the envy of all your friends... if people hate, let them hate. You aren’t a jerk, they're just jealous. When there is only one sandwich left, it belongs to you. And when there is only one hot girl at the party, she belongs to you too. You’re getting all the action in all the right places.


Totally blown up.

When they say you're the bomb... it's not cause you're awesome, it’s because you blow. Dude. Get some self-awareness. You block yourself more often than not. Perhaps learn to slow down or hold back a bit. You aren’t going to get that special oral attention by acting like a pig. Bring the charm. You’ll do better.


Totally blown... off?

There's such a thing as being too nice. If you have no steel, no backbone, if you don't make her feel something... you'll find yourself very much blown off. Which (you will agree) is far less interesting than being blown. So be a bit more aggressive and leave the tea parties to your grandmother.