Are you all ‘cock'?


Some men think with great brains, and others just steer with great cocks. Take our quiz to find out if you’re being a dickhead.


All Cock... and No Action

You are so dick focussed that you outsmart yourself – out of lots of sex, that is. If it's apparent that all you want is for her to touch your cock, you lose, Cockman! Because after experiencing your selfishness, she will be far less likely to touch it... or more importantly, touch it again. And girls TALK about this sort of thing... so once the word gets out about your lazy, ungenerous ass, good luck making it with any quality ladies within a one-mile radius.



A little confidence goes a long way, because too much and you're just cocky, too little and you are uncomfortably limp-wristed. The great thing about you is that you have a healthy relationship with your mini-me, and a healthy perspective on sex with your partner(s). It's not just about penis-in-vagina, and the fact that you clearly see foreplay as something that is fun on it's own (and not just a precursor to the old in-out) means that your cock will always get as much attention as it deserves.


Cock shy

Okay, let's have a little chat here, a heart to heart... it's great that you love making out, excellent that you love to give an erotic massage, awesome that you like to give it all to the girl. It truly is. But you have to give your cock a wee bit more credit. He deserves some attention! Perhaps you feel less-than confident about dimensions or staying power, but the truth is ladies love cock and want to love yours too. There are WAYS, my friend... positions and techniques. Do some research, train up and ask questions. Knowledge is power, and power is confidence. Have fun!