Are you cougar bait?


Stifler’s Mom might be the holy grail of MILFs, but beware! Take our quiz to find out how you’d fare against the horny middle-aged woman.



To a cougar, you are an ideal mark. You're not too overt, not too green... you're just right. Cougars love a boyish challenge. You’ll drive them crazy, because they're not just playing with you… You're playing with them. Careful what you get yourself into – cougars are territorial creatures and older women have libidos like you wouldn’t believe.


Catch and Release

To a cougar, you're like a mouse: fun to play with for a while, but they will eventually drop you. If you’re too easy to screw, and you’re all action and no drama, it’s a total turn-off. Older women need to feel a little naughty, while being the center of your attentions. They know what they want, so pay attention.


Saucer of Milk

To a cougar, you are a snack. Unlike girls your own age, these leading ladies see you as an object, or perhaps even as potential lover to be shaped. Maybe they want to play out a teacher scenario; or have a barely-legal fantasy. Regardless, to them you are a wide-eyed saucer of milk... and they will slurp you up and move along. Unless you can bring some serious action and energy, you’re a one time thing.