Dirty talk: How deep in the gutter is your mind? (Honestly, what’s the first thing you think of?)


Do you get aroused by the slightest mention of anything that could be naughty? Take our quiz and find out if you’re tantalized by the tiniest of titters …


Squeaky clean

You are a devoted, optimistic kind of guy. Although you’re always ready for a solid twenty minutes in the missionary position, your mind can manage to focus on something other than sex. If you aren’t already in a long-term relationship, you are definitely ready for one. Just be sure to find a girl who like things smooth around the edges – your pure thoughts and innocent approach to life might prevent you from holding onto the wild ones.


Pig Pen

You are a manly man, a friend of dudes, a chest thumper. If you aren’t thinking about sex or sleeping, you are watching, playing or betting on sports. Though no one would describe you as unpredictable, your abundance of stereotypical hobbies creates a halo of testosterone around you that girls flock to. You have a good balance between respect for women and dirty intentions toward the special lady of your life (or of the moment).


Sewer dweller

You have been described more than once as “that” guy. Able to put a sexual spin on any word, sentence or product slogan, you expect women to swoon at your hyper-sexualized banter. Though this can create some awkward situations and turn a lot people off, lucky for you, cocky guys finish first (and often in more ways than one).