Should you open the Ex-files?


If Georgia (your ex) is on your mind, then there might be a valid reason. Take our quiz and find out if you’re just pining or reliving the horrors from her being a psycho.


UFO (Undisputed Favourable Option)

If things were left unfinished or ended due to logistics rather than chemistry, you should feel good about giving it a second chance. She could be the one who got away and you will never know if you don’t try. The Truth is Out There.


Crop Circles

Some people see crop circles as front page news, others as just an everyday mystery. It seems like you two have the potential to hook up again, so perhaps opening the Ex-Files is a challenge you could master. Be careful out there – you are dealing with dangerous forces.



If your friends knew what you were thinking, they would surely stage an intervention, an abduction, a lobotomy or all of the above. If she was bad news the first time around, she will likely bring you more of the same. Trust No One, especially her.