Your porn handicap: Is your habit preventing you from getting laid?


Everyone likes a little fantasy outside their comfort zones, but are the 2-dimensional people becoming more than distant friends? Take our quiz to see if your expectations of real-life people are out of whack…ing off.


Porn Tsar

You’ve seen your fair share of Jayden Jaymes and Nikki Benz, but your realistic approach to porn allows you to poach moves that will make you famous,and frees up time to put them to use. Regardless of your browser history, you are not in danger of allowing your hope for maximum enjoyment to push the boundaries of reality.


Par for the (inter)course

You are finding a balance between porn fantasy and real ladies. There’s nothing wrong with filling in the sometimes lengthy gaps between actual conquests with streaming entertainment, but be careful that your appetite for the internet doesn’t get you in hot water should you eventually find your lover. Develop a little more confidence in your social skills and devote a little less time to your social media.


Porn Star

If porn sites collectively logged hours ‘Final Fantasy’–style, your stamina for internet connectivity would cause an outcry of envy from the WoW community. Your penchant for porn will leave you lacking in hands-on skills (as in, hands on someone other than yourself). Trade the mouse for the pussy before you are completely engulfed.