Lovedrunk: Do you have a shot at love?


Are you singing about love in the shower? Are you longing for love when it’s just not happening? Take our quiz to nail down causes for a nail fail.


A Fine Wine

Your taste in women is as refined as a wine connoisseur’s. Whether you prefer full to thin bodied or bitter, brawny and rough to soft, supple and well balanced, you know exactly who you are looking for. Your level of sophistication and self-awareness suggest that you will have a hearty love life, but you should try not to sour on the ones who don’t open up immediately – it may lead to sublime surprises.


Clear as Beer

Laid back and cool, you are a go with the flow kind of guy. You are a man who hops into relationships without any pretense and has a relaxed, light attitude concerning the direction they’re headed. You will likely end up with a stout connection by allowing it to distill over time into a lasting partnership.


Liquor is Quicker

You are a chaser. You tend to jump in with both feet, but you are also quick to dash when the relationship is on the rocks. Though women often see the cooler side of you, you still possess the ability to be shaken by the ‘right’ one. But when you finally experience chemistry with the right woman, take it as proof that you are ready to stop mixing it up and go straight.