Relating to women: Always the friend, never the lover?


Finding yourself as a gal pal lately? Take our quiz to see if you really do get stuck in the friend zone, or if it’s just in your head.


The friend

Always the friend, never the lover. You need to temper that compassion with some real passion, STAT. If you all you have to offer is a shoulder to cry on, you’ll always be finishing with the nice guys. Girls like nice, but they like it on ice with a dash of tequila and a twist of lemon. So add a little tart to your sweet – stop picking women up emotionally and start picking them up literally.


The perfect man

You are both the friend and the lover. You’ve found a balance between relating to women and being masculine. Ladies want to be protected and taken care of, while being permitted to dote and nurture. You are sensitive to their moods but would rather chew your own hand off before crying in front of them.


The bad boy

Women are attracted to you for the way you relate to them sexually, but not emotionally. You have a cocky charm that wins you attention from the ladies, but they feel unfulfilled with what you have to offer longer term. The only ones you can hold on to with this strategy are the ones that are difficult to shake off, so change your approach or be prepared to change women. Often. And with the aid of restraining orders.