Sex etiquette: Test your knowledge


Often accused of the bang and bolt? Or are you as chivalrous horizontally as you are vertically? Take our quiz to see if your politeness needs a polish, or if you’re a knight in the night.


Mr. Manners

You have figured out the recipe: manners matter and flattery will get you everywhere. You are courteous with both long-term relationships and casual lovers. We can’t say for sure if you get what you want because you behave like a gentleman. Your no pressure approach is bringing them in.


High Traffic Cop

You have no problems blowing the whistle when the time is up and getting rid of your short term lovers without much sentiment. She’ll get over it faster anyway if you just make a clean break, right? Like taking off a band-aid. You might get a baseball bat to your windshield, but hey, you’re definitive.


Desperate Dude

You worship the ground she walks on, so she walks all over you. There is a big difference between being polite and being a doormat. Pick yourself up off the floor and remember that you don’t have to sacrifice your balls in order to make other people happy. Try setting some dignified boundaries and don’t beg for it so hard.