Small Town Security Guards Part 2

September 26, 2011 by

 Small Town Security Guards Part 2 Security guards think they are ‘the big.’ Relax, buddy, all you have is a walkie-talkie and a freaking flashlight. You can’t touch me, 'cause I know my rights. These rent-a-cops started asking me what I was doing in the women’s store. I said I was busy shopping and I might get something for myself. LOL. They asked me what my business was in this mall. I said obviously I was there to buy a few things. They demanded my name, and I asked them if I am obligated to give them my name. The security guard got confused and said no, then started stuttering. LOLLL!!!! HAHAHAH!

The second security guard was staring me down hardcore like he was gonna rush me. These-small town kids gotta learn their place; they haven’t been through what I’ve been through. They haven’t had a gun pointed right in their face before. Trust me, these small-towners think they’re tough. I’ll show you tough.

They tried to trap me by asking the female that worked there if she knew me and she replied yes. HAHAHA! They look so stupid right now. I told them I met her last year and I am just catching up with her. They started making a bigger scene in the store and I thought the whole thing was really unprofessional. I told them we can continue this conversation outside. The tough guy security guard started yelling out that it's private property and that they can make me leave the premises. I started laughing and asked him on what basis. These rent-a-cops are getting really upset and I'm about to get banned from the mall.


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