Small Town Security Guards Part 3

October 10, 2011 by

 Small Town Security Guards Part 3 I realized I was being really immature and that I might get myself banned from the mall. I do play it smart…. I had to game there for the next week so it's not worth it. I began apologizing and saying there must be a huge misunderstanding. I talked my way out of it by letting them feel like they had control of the situation.

I then went straight to customer service and filled out a complaint based on discrimination due to race. I'm such a troublemaker, hahaha! The head of security came out and we discussed what just happened. He told me that the female in the store had called security on me. OHHHHH! Damn! I was so surprised because she gave me no signals, body language or verbally, that she wanted to end the conversation. The only time I felt she resisted was when she mentioned she had a boyfriend. I had nothing more to say to the head of security and apologized for my actions. This entire time I thought the security guards saw me from outside of the store and wanted to stir up some trouble with me.

I swear I didn't do anything. Like I said, I have two sisters and I know how to treat a girl with respect. But I am more mature now and I am more understanding of other people's perspectives. Perhaps she had a bad experience with another person in the store in the past so she was just being cautious by calling security on me. Fair enough. For those bad guys out there harassing girls, stop doing it—you're messing up my game.


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