Dating Guys that Are Younger – Part One

October 24, 2011 by

 Dating Guys that Are Younger – Part One Why do females have a problem with dating guys that are younger? I have two theories as to why girls don’t like dating younger guys:

          1. Society frowns upon it;

          2. They believe that younger guys are immature.

These are both stupid reasons. I understand that there is a common belief that maturity comes with age, but it really isn’t always the case. I went through a lot in my childhood, and then leaving home at 16 to live on my own really taught me how to be responsible.

It’s so frustrating to have a wonderful conversation with an older mature woman only to have her dismiss me as a potential boyfriend based on my age. It’s discrimination, I tell you! LOL. Here is how everything usually goes down... You meet an older woman and strike up a conversation. Then at some point she realizes you might be younger and asks for your age. You decide to be honest and, realizing there’s a large age gap (five years), she walks away, saying you are too young. This has happened probably over 50 times to me and it’s really annoying to be disqualified based on my age alone.

I have discussed this issue with other PUAs in the community and we have strategized three different ways to handle this sticking point:

          1) You disqualify her based on her age telling her that she is too young for you before she disqualifies you;

          2) You tell her some ridiculous answer like, “I’m 85 years old,” and if she keeps asking then you frame it that she’s getting really needy, and the more she wants to know, the more you don’t want to tell her; or

          3) You just lie.

I have field-tested the first two techniques, but the results really vary depending on the mature woman. This uncertainty is unacceptable to a PUA, such as myself. So reluctantly, because I hate it when people lie (and especially when I do), I decided to begin lying about my age to see what happened.

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