Angry Boyfriends – Part Two

January 2, 2012 by

 Angry Boyfriends – Part Two Let me rewind and give you guys some background information on what is going on.

During the summer, I was with my Wingman. I approached a three-set and my Wing came in to help me out. The set went really well, and I number-closed one of the girls. Right from the get-go, she told me she had a boyfriend, but I really didn’t care. We texted and we talked on the phone, and eventually we went on a date. I decided to take things slow and not go for the make out at the end of the date.

This stupid girl tells her boyfriend everything! Girls cause unnecessary drama sometimes. She tells him that I picked her up from the mall, and that we talk on the phone and that we hang out. This guy gets crazy jealous because he sees me as a legit threat. You’re goddamn right I’m a legit threat; I’m a mother----ing triple threat! LOL!

Her boyfriend calls me and starts swearing at me. He tries to intimidate me into not contacting his girlfriend. At first, I laughed hysterically, but then I got down to business. He thinks he’s all gangster, calling me up, issuing out threats. I’ve had so many boyfriends threaten me and I don’t give a f---. If you want to scrap, we can scrap, but I can guarantee you that you will be headed to either the graveyard or the hospital. I have nothing to lose. So bring it on, angry boyfriends... I’ve been waiting for someone to come along to take out all of my anger on.

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