Angry Boyfriends – Part Four

January 23, 2012 by

 Angry Boyfriends – Part Four He refuses to give me his address now and hangs up on me. I call him back and start yelling and screaming on the phone for him to give me his address, but he keeps hanging up on me.

This entire time, I am on the lookout for cops to make sure I don’t get booked for using a cell phone while driving. In Toronto, you get a $200 and something fine if you get caught driving while using your cell phone.

Anyways, I reach one of my boys’ house and I tell them what up. They burst out in laughter at what a pussy this boyfriend is; he’s issuing empty threats he can’t back up. I hook up my phone on speaker for them to hear the conversation because I am about to call him back. I give this guy a call and he picks up. I start ripping on him, saying that his girlfriend is the one that cheated on him. That she gave me her number and called and texted me. That she came out on a date with me. Those girls are not innocent, and when she goes to the club, she is getting grinded up on by guys like me. Those other guys at the club had felt up her boobs and legs. We could tell he got really hurt, and had to hang up the phone 'cause he couldn’t hear anymore. I am such an asshole. Kanye West should really give me a toast for being such a douchebag.

Out of nowhere, the most unexpected thing happens; a friend of both the girlfriend and the boyfriend calls me. A third party gets involved as if we needed a mediator. Except this mediator is biased because she is close friends with the boyfriend and girlfriend. I have only met her once when I picked up that girl. She tells me that I am harassing the girlfriend and that she’s going to calls the cops on me.

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