Angry Boyfriends – Part Five

February 6, 2012 by

 Angry Boyfriends – Part Five I laughed, and said she can go right ahead and call the cops. That the only way I will stop contacting the girl is if she calls me herself and tells me she no longer wants to speak to me. All of this is bulls----; she never mentioned anything about not wanting to talk to me.

I tell the mutual friend that the girlfriend can give me a call and she can tell me herself. The friend three-way calls the girlfriend, and now they are teaming up against me to get rid of me. I had to think quick on my feet so I decided to get the both of them to fight against each other using gossip the girlfriend had told me about the friend. It’s working! LOL. They are arguing with each other about some sweater one girl borrowed and never returned.

The friend catches on to my tricks and tells the girlfriend that I’m trying to pit them against each other. It’s called "Classic Misdirection," but now my plan is revealed. The girlfriend is just about to say she never wants to speak to me again, and I hang up the phone out of nervousness. That weird feeling came in because at that very moment I was afraid to be cut out of someone's life.

Now this part is genius—I decide to try to win over the mutual friend by calling her personally and having a one-on-one conversation. I started flirting with her over the phone and giving her a bunch of compliments. Then I played the innocent card; that the boyfriend just called me out of nowhere and started attacking me. I also said that the girlfriend and I are just friends, and I have no other intentions. That she is really a good friend that is caught in all this mess, and it’s really a huge misunderstanding. OMG, I can’t believe all of this is working. This is crazy. By the end of the conversation, she was willing to call the girlfriend and fight for my case, and that the boyfriend is at fault. INSANE!

At the beginning of the night, the boyfriend, the girlfriend and the friend wanted to get rid of me. But by the end of the night, I won over both the friend and the girlfriend, and now the boyfriend is the villain. The girlfriend started arguing with her boyfriend all night long. What an amazing accomplishment, and all my friends were there to witness it. They simply applauded my high performance of game.

I do regret a few things I said to the boyfriend about his girlfriend cheating on him. I feel guilty about that because he got really hurt. Other than that, I patted myself on the back and congratulated myself. LOL!

This is my last blog post, and I hope you guys enjoyed my stories. If you want to follow my stories, I will be setting up a public blog for you guys. From there, you guys can ask any questions on prior stories or send me your comments.