Cupid's Crazy

January 2, 2012 by

 CUPID’S CRAZY Ahhh, new love…so crisp, so fresh. When you’re single and looking, you turn your nose up at those obviously blissful couples; but when in love, you’re as ignorant to your surroundings and can’t imagine life without it. It can be beautiful and sweet and exhilarating.

But the electrifying emotions sometimes come with fear and paranoia. Just as quickly as the relationship heats up, our minds can play really crazy tricks on us, especially when apart.

A close friend is dating a guy, a guy she really likes, and for women like us (extremely picky women with high expectations), this is, unfortunately, a rarity. Because having feelings for someone is rare, it’s also rare to feel uneasy and insecure, but that’s how my friend is currently feeling.

They’ve been on a few amazing marathon dates, with plenty of playful text message banter in between. But now a few days have gone by…she hasn’t heard from him and so she’s convinced herself that he’s lost interest, over it, dunzo. She spent two full days stressed and upset until I finally convinced her to make contact. Not more than five minutes after her text was sent, he called her…from Santa Monica. Apparently, he let her know he was out of town for the week, but she had forgotten and let her mind get carried away. So much energy spent stressing, for what? Thankfully, though, she played it cool, and he has no idea she was doubting his feelings and intentions.

This is what wise women do…we don’t let our crazy show. Of course there are occasions where we discuss our anxieties and fears with our closest girlfriends, but we make every effort to keep that side under wraps. Not all of us possess the stealth to achieve this. Though, to be honest, I think there are some women who really don’t care to.

Regardless, it seems inevitable that, as females, we all get hit by cupid’s crazy dart from time to time; why we can’t seem to dodge it is what I’ve failed to figure out. But what I do know is we can control how we react. Although we don’t always see the arrow coming, we could pull it out and fire the craziness at our guys or, preferably, choose to ignore the wound and continue on with grace and confidence.

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