A Marathon, Not a Sprint

January 9, 2012 by

 A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT “My heart is exploding.”

This is what my best friend’s mom said last night while out for her 53rd birthday.

Rewind back a few years: Isla was a 50year-old single woman, an absolutely gorgeous, fit and stylish woman (to be clear), who was actively seeking a lifelong partner. She would gladly be set up, was online dating and would go out fairly regularly with other single friends in hopes to someday find a man to spend her life with. Exhausted after 25 years of dating, Isla still hadn’t found the right guy, but refused to feel defeated.

Then, two years ago, she met him online. After one phone call, it was perfectly clear they had to meet in person. She was in Toronto; he was in New York. Though they were miles apart, the connection was undeniable and so he visited Toronto to meet the potential love of his life.

Numerous trips back and forth, a proposal, a move to New York and a wedding later (all in less than a year), the two are now happily married. Okay, “happily” in no way conveys what they share. If there was ever a moment I doubted true love exists, I have since changed my mind. They are truly, madly, deeply (to quote the 90s band Savage Garden) in love; in every sense of the word. It’s the real deal.

Fast-forward. Last night, it was her birthday, which happened to mark the one-year anniversary of his proposal. She was in Toronto with her immediate family, while he had to stay in NY for work. He requested that she celebrate her birthday dinner at the same restaurant where he proposed the year before, and she agreed. While there with her daughter, mother and brother, the server said someone had bought them a bottle of champagne, and when the server returned with the champagne, she also had Isla’s husband by her side. He had flown in just for the night to surprise her, prompting the “my heart is exploding” comment, as well as a few tears. On top of the unexpected visit, he also surprised her with a pretty hefty diamond.

But it’s not about the diamond…or even the visit. It’s about the love; the love that is so strong, so true and so rare it makes waiting even 25 years worth every single heartache and every lonely moment. It’s also the kind of love that helps jaded singles like myself believe in the power of love and inspires us to hold out for a good one.

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