Holiday Hook-ups

January 23, 2012 by

 Holiday Hookups When I go away, I always tend to fall in "vacation love"…which is great: it’s fun; it’s flirty; and it’s romantic. But, lately, the hook-ups haven’t been an average "whatever" hook-up. Lately, there’s been a common thread: I meet guys that I have an instant, passionate connection with, and when I leave, I feel terribly miserable and sad. Far too often, I find myself saying, “I would prefer to never have met this great guy than know he exists and not be able to date him.”

Here are the highlights:

Years ago, I had a fling with a guy in the Dominican Republic, and I didn’t realize how much I liked him until we were apart. It was before the days of social media and so, while I did try to track him down, it was to no avail. If you know him; have him drop me a line.

Once, in Whistler, while on a work trip, I coincidentally met a friend of a friend. We hit it off, spent every second together (when I wasn’t working, of course) and had an amazing time. He was sweet, and I would have enjoyed an opportunity to really get to know him, but we lived provinces apart and so realistically it wasn’t worth exploring.

Then, while in Cancun last year on a party beach vacation, I happened to meet a guy who was all wrong for me, but I could not get him out of my head. He was four years younger and lived over two hours away. But post-trip, once I realized how strongly I felt for him, I decided to contact him. We got together and the feelings were mutual and real so we ended up dating long distance, which saw him make A LOT of trips to see me. It was an intense, passionate relationship, and even though we’re not together now, I couldn’t be happier that we gave it a shot.

Now, just recently I was in Vancouver for work. Like Whistler, this was far from a romantic gateway, but of course I ended up meeting someone; someone pretty special. This guy is sweet and funny; he’s a tall, handsome and older firefighter who owns a restaurant; he does yoga and runs marathons (as do I). He’s basically my dreamboat. After coincidentally bumping into one another two days in a row, we planned a date while I was in town. The date was amazing, and we’ve been in touch regularly ever since. He was even planning a trip to see me, unfortunately, that didn’t pan out…but maybe someday? For now I’ll have to file that one under the “What If?” category. Sigh.

After Vancouver, I officially feel doomed. Have I been hit with the long distance/holiday hook-up curse? Or perhaps there’s just something to be said about the likelihood of meeting someone when you’re relaxed, out of your element and just not looking.

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