Stuck in the Middle Like a Third Nipple - Part One

October 31, 2011 by

Stuck in the Middle Like a Third Nipple

No one likes it when two friends who are dating break up...where that places you, the friend, in the aftermath. The tension...the feeling like you can't talk about one friend in the other friend’s presence, it really puts a damper on things.

It reminds me of one of those field sobriety tests you have take if pulled over on suspicion of drinking and driving...

You have to carefully put one foot in front of the cannot cannot allow yourself to tip to one, you have to walk a perfectly straight line.

That line is the invisible line drawn by your now broken up friends...and you dare not find yourself on either side...or you have just chosen sides. And risked hurting one of them.

Mine is a more unusual situation...I was friends for a couple years with the guy before I met the girl that he had been dating, but was no longer. Granted, it is kind of odd that the whole time I knew him, he never mentioned dating anyone...but still...

So I meet her, the fresh ex, through mutual friends and we hit it off. It wasn't until a while of hanging out that the dots were connected.

I didn't feel uncomfortable then. So what...they used to date. Now they are broken up. Happens every day.

It wasn't until one night later on that the Pandora's box was opened and I was stuck... Stuck in the middle...just like third nipple. Odd. Not normal. Useless.

I was out and about on the town when it happened...