Stuck In the Middle Like a Third Nipple Part Two

November 14, 2011 by

Stuck in the Middle Like a Third Nipple Part Two

The night that I became stuck in the middle...

I was out and received a text from each of these two friends. As you may recall, one was a guy friend who I have known for a couple years; the other was from a girl friend whom I had only know for about six months.

Again, the catch is they used to date before I even met the girl.

That night, my guy friend said he might come and meet me for a drink. Well, “might” usually means “not going to show up”. So, I didn't put much stock into the fact he “might” show up.

Meanwhile, the new friend...texts that she is on her way up to where I am having a drink. I didn't think a thing of it, until...

A couple of hours pass while ex-girlfriend and I have some cocktails when ex-boyfriend texts me to say he is on his way up... I was totally I did the thing any 'third nipple friend' would do... I gave the heads up text to him.

“BTW, your ex is here...she came up for a drink.”

Within seconds, my phone has alerted me that five texts in a row just came in...that is one passionate string of texts.

I opened my phone to a slew of words...somewhere along the lines of, “Why would you do that? Why would you have a drink with my ex and then invite me out? Why would you hang out with her when we said we might hang out? I thought you were my friend.”

Now, I try to act like nothing’s wrong, however the girl is already looking at me strangely due to my reactions to the text messages...I had to give her the heads up that he was on his way too...she made a half afraid-half anticipation face.

Long story short, he never came...and the next day he and I went back and forth in text messages where I explained the situation and that it wasn't some kind of conspiracy theory to make their lives miserable...

I can't choose between the two – I don’t want to or see why I need to. I met each of them in separate circumstances and each of them is now my friend. Their shared past has nothing to do with me. And so I haven’t chosen between them. So far... so good… although, there are nights I get that third nipple feeling again…


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