Douchebags and Douchebaguettes

November 28, 2011 by

 Douchebags and Douchebaguettes

I wouldn't wish it upon anyone to be “out there” trying to “find” someone. It is difficult being single in today's world. Probably always was.

However, so far, I am pretty happy being single. Most of my adult life has been spent in a series of long term relationships, so I'm enjoying the change...and so I'm not one of those people out on the search...

Nonetheless, there are those nights out where I get a tinge of concern at what is out there swimming in the dating pool, pardon me, swamp...for when (and if) I decide to start hunting for something deeper and long term. It seems the waters are full of:

Douchebags and douchebaguettes...

That is what most of the “bar/dating scene” is made of these days.

Guys that are so vain, I bet they think this post is about them...

And for the men or lesbians out there...the women are so superficial...having the depth of a pothole.

So what if you try to change it up... meet someone at the gym...or the library...or a random church you walk into...?

Chances are still that if you threw a bag into the would hit a douche...guaranteed.

Has the abundance of reality TV stars that we have made famous spawned a host of Douche bags/baguettes which are taking over the world?

That may sound harsh, but anyone who is out there in Singleville knows what I am talking about.

On a positive note, I guess it makes it all the more special when you land someone you do value...because what you have been through in the wetlands of are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to not have to wade back through that swamp again...I hope.