Little Person Gone Wild Part Two

January 9, 2012 by

Little Person Gone Wild Part Two

So, I am sitting at the bar with the dwarf standing next to me, when she said she wanted a beer...and as I waved the bartender over that is when I saw her, out of the corner of my eye...disappear.

I looked over and down...and down further and that is when I saw her at my feet...puking.

That's right...under the inch away from my Jimmy Choo's.

I looked at my friend in I tell the bartender? Do I get off my stool and help her?

Just when I was about to get down off my stool, she stood upright.

“Are you OK?” I asked...

“Yeah, got a stick of gum?” she replied.

I fumbled in my purse for the gum and handed her a piece.

About a minute passed and there she goes again...down at my feet for round two.

Now, I already have a queasy stomach when it comes to the whole throwing up thing...but when you can hear it...and wafts of it start approaching your nostrils...

I got the bartender's attention and called him over...pointing down at the little person at my feet...letting him know that “Houston...we have a problem.” But he was so busy; he kept on making drinks for other patrons barking orders at him.

She stood up straight again and pulled on my dress to get my attention...

I was scared to look her way...not sure if she was going to lose it (i.e. her stomach) again... this time in my direction...

Instead what she said to me made me more nauseous than watching her puke for last 10 minutes...only because I don't go that way...

“You're really is your's my into women?”

I was stunned...didn't know what to say...I was actually grateful when she bent back throw up again.

I threw... down cash....more than enough to cover three tabs and I ran to the front door.

Little person gone wild...something I never want to see an encore of.