Facebook: The Silent Relationship Killer - Part One

January 16, 2012 by

Facebook: The Silent Relationship Killer Part One

They call heart disease the silent killer...but what is actually going around silently killing hearts in the year 2011?


It has even been used in divorce cases as a reason for a relationship's demise...mostly in infidelity cases...

But even less dramatic than that is its more subtle distorting effects: You can see a person's mother before you even meet that person...you can see their personality through posts and comments...you can see how people relate to them through the same...all before shaking the person's hand to say nice to meet you.

You know how they say a couple going on a reality TV show is the kiss of death?

Changing your relationship status on Facebook is...

I laugh when I see so and so go from 'single' to in a 'relationship'...only to see 2 months later they have gone from 'in a relationship' to 'single'. These are actual friends...or friends of friends.

Here is an example of the anatomy of dissatisfaction: Guys, what about that girl you met while standing at the bar getting your girlfriend a drink...the one that was about to order right when you were...so you laugh and strike up a conversation...she introduces herself...

Next morning you find yourself remembering your little flirtatious banter...and so you do it...you put her name in the search box on Facebook and voila!

There she is in her bikini on her trip to the Caymans...oops...there she is kissing some girl on a girl's night out...

Now you are not only attracted...but are slightly addicted to this complete stranger whom you NEVER would have been able to get such “intimate” details about...be it not for Facebook. And it starts to subtly erode your actual relationship.

Then there are the dirty laundresses...those that air every thought that passes through their heads with no filter.