Facebook: The Silent Relationship Killer - Part Two

January 30, 2012 by

Facebook: The Silent Relationship Killer Part Two

Back to the dirty laundry...hanging all over some people's FB profiles.

Don't you just love it when you see some girl post an absolutely lunatic ramble about her boyfriend in a post?

Something dramatic like, “Love is cruel...Jimmy told me that my Ronnie said I was the ugliest girl he has dated so far in life...I am heartbroken.”

WHAT??? Then you have all of her friends commenting on what a dick Ronnie is...

Then you have Ronnie on there commenting how sorry he is and people need to stop hating and coming against their love.

Then two days later they are back in love again posting how they will be together forever.

Exhausting...it took me too long a time to learn you could hide people's status updates. What a relief to never have to see them again on your home page.

Then there is the... “I haven't heard from my boyfriend in a few hours...let's go on Facebook and see what he posted last...oh, he got flat tire...that is why I haven't gotten a text back from him...but wait...he updated his status! That means he could have texted me back!”

Hard to believe there was a time when we used to hand write a letter...send it by messenger on horse back...and have to wait days or even weeks or months to receive the reply.

Advancement...technology...all of these are wonderful things that make our world a better, easier, more comfortable society...but it seems to me that the very heart beat of things is becoming mechanical...

That will be a new application... the app that keeps your heart beating for you...so you can text more...instant message more...post more...comment more...sarcasm of course. But it does seem something genuine is missing from these types of communications...

Facebook...the silent relationship killer? Maybe there should be a 10k run to raise awareness about this deadly disease. Anyone want to sponsor me?