The G Spot

December 5, 2011 by

The G Spot

I love that the G spot is still debated like it’s Sasquatch. Some people are convinced of its existence, some think it’s completely made up, and the only proof we have of either is grainy photographs.

Personally, I’m one of the conspiracy theorists. I’m completely convinced that it exists. There’s a lot of evidence supporting my belief, too. There’s a TV series named after it, I’ve been told breathlessly that I’ve actually been there before…actually, that’s about it. However, all you have to do is walk past a sex shop and see the crescent-shaped dildos to know that even if you don’t think it exists, the search for it continues in earnest.

The G spot is also pretty much the only thing that men and women have in common when it comes to sex. Yep, that’s right, fellas, the reason we grow moustaches in November is to raise awareness for cancer of the male G spot. The problem is that straight men don’t often let others find things up their butts. The road to the female G spot is a goddamn super-highway compared to the road to the male G spot: The Hershey Highway. It takes a lot of effort and a weak gag reflex to really get into a man’s ass if you’re not used to it.

I assume.

So you win this round, ladies. Men don’t even want to admit that we have a G spot, and yet all we want to do is find yours. Because it’s like an Easy button. And looking for it isn’t as gross.

Despite the fact that as recently as 2009 there was a study published denying the existence of the G spot, I’m still a believer. After all, the study was published by the British, from whom you should never take sexual advice. And to all you disbelievers I say “Keep looking! It’s for science! And the research is fun!”

The truth is in there.