January 16, 2012 by

confidence, aplomb

Confidence rounds out the Big Three most attractive man-traits (Intelligence and Sense of Humour being the other two – see previous blogs). It’s also the most important.

Without Confidence, the other two are useless. You could be the funniest, most intelligent guy in the world, but without confidence you are also the loneliest. If you can’t walk up to a girl and lay down your best joke about cold fusion without fear of being rejected, then there’s no point in coming up with jokes about cold fusion. Although that last part is probably true no matter how confident you are.

“So what do you do?” you ask. You say, “Women can be intimidating. You know, with all those breasts and stuff.” But what you have to realize is that you’re not really intimidated by women, you’re intimidated by rejection or by the fear of looking stupid in front of somebody. Like women. The trick is knowing that they’re in the same boat.

Women take a long time to get ready. I am not complaining. I am happy about this. It is the reason that women are beautiful, soft, smooth creatures, while men end up wearing plaid and moustaches. We just care less about our physical appearance and for some wonderful reason women don’t seem to mind. That’s the Catch-22: Women are self-conscious and so take meticulous care of their physical appearance which makes men self-conscious about talking to them. See? Vicious cycle.

Break that cycle, dammit! Know that the pretty girl over there looks good because she wanted to feel confident. The best thing you can do is show her that you’re attracted to her. It will validate her extensive preparation, make her feel good about herself, and enable you to buy her a drink and tell the one about the particle theory of matter.

But seriously. Get some new jokes.