Meeting Felicity Part Two: Don’t Blow It – Don’t Show It

September 19, 2011 by

meeting Felicity part 2

So I’m at the bar with Felicity, the girl I met at work with the porn star body, trying to decide if her magnificent breasts are real or not. Turns out, they aren’t, which makes me happy. Of course the only way for me to discover this is to take her back to my place and have sex. She has two orgasms, and I have one real nice one. I don’t mention this to brag, although it is brag-worthy, but rather because the info will become relevant.

I text her the next day, so she doesn’t feel cheap for sharing a sexy night so quickly. We joke around a bit, then make plans to meet again later in the week. I find myself thinking of romantic things: taking her out to a club, drinking champagne and then meeting an equally augmented blonde or maybe Asian woman to take home with us...

I have a party scheduled at my place, friends, drinks, maybe some barbecue the upcoming weekend. What if I could have all the fun of partying with my friends, and then have sex with Felicity after? That would change the night from "huge" to "epic." I text her the invite, telling her she can meet my friends, it’ll be fun. She seems into it, and agrees.

We chat via text for a few days, and I get progressively more excited about her. She’s got the body, sure, but now I’m finding out how bright she is, and even kinda funny. I break with my normal habit of not texting or calling too much, and lavish her with my attention. We talk more and more.

Our date night rolls around and I’m looking forward to showing off this smoking-hot babe with a cute personality and, of course, she doesn’t show. No call, no text, either. I was so caught up in the whole thing that it took me an hour to figure out why she didn’t show. I blew it.

I suffocated her with attention, and made it too easy for her. I forgot that nobody ever values anything that’s just given to them. I got too excited and it all got out of hand. My fault, totally. And it wasn’t that the sex wasn’t good enough. So what’d I learn?

It’s natural to get excited when things are going your way. Just don’t show it.

I blame the breasts. Those fabulous, dreamy breasts.

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