Here's Sunny

October 3, 2011 by

Here’s Sunny, Facebook lies

Here’s another Facebook hookup:

Sunny, a woman I used to date back in high school, looked me up on Facebook the other day. We only went out a couple of times, and it never really turned into much. It was pretty steamy, all things considered, and I have one really hot memory from the backseat of my Honda Civic hatchback. So I was pleased to hear from her again, and we sent a lot of texts and IMs back and forth over the next few days.

These days Sunny works in an office during the day and in a bar on the weekends, so it took a while for us to get together. During that time I poked around her FB profile a bit (OK... a lot), checking out the pics. She had a lot of her in different bikinis, often wearing a ball cap (so frigging cute, I love women that can pull off a ball cap) and her body is slammin’. Tall and slim with long legs, dark tan, pretty blonde hair and crazy green eyes. Please note that, as a person, I both recognize and greatly appreciate my good fortune that such a fine female sought me out.

We finally meet up for some drinks at my place. She comes in and sits on the couch and I go behind the bar and make us a couple vodka and sodas. It’s a few minutes before I notice that she is still wearing her overcoat. It was not cold in my apartment. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it – Sunny done put on some weight since the last time she let anyone take her picture. Quite a bit, actually. She has one of those odd bodies where all of the excess hangs out in the ass and hips. It was a real letdown, let me tell you. She’s still a pretty woman, but that wicked ass/legs combo was long gone. I think she was aware of her weight gain and was trying to hide it with the coat. I am sympathetic, of course, but I hate it when someone tries to trick me. I had trouble coming back from it, and our conversation suffered. We didn’t see too much of each other after that night. Do I feel bad for being so “shallow”? No.

If all of your photos on Facebook make you look way hotter than you really are, you deserve what you get.

It’s lying, man. It misleads people and wastes their time. I don’t go to the bar and talk to women and pretend that I’m rich or a rock star or that I really wanna have kids. Lies are lies. End of story.

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