My Greatest Failures

December 12, 2011 by

After reading over my blogs, I’ve noticed that I haven’t mentioned enough of my failures. Those times where I’ve said the wrong thing or done something stupid (or more often obnoxious) that’s ruined my chances with a woman. Dating in the city is really a numbers game, so if you don’t go down in flames now and again, you’re just not trying hard enough. Read More >>

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Why I Don't Commit

October 24, 2011 by

At this point, I’m so interested in Elba that I’ve taken the major step of agreeing to be monogamous, so we both went and got tested and both came back clean. Always feels good. It’s probably the anticipation, but I find myself thinking about her a lot. Not just the physical stuff; other things, too. Where’s all this going? Will we visit her faraway homeland? Will she like my friends...? Read More >>

My Version of Commitment

October 17, 2011 by

I never meet women at the gym. I’m not nuts about working out, so I just like to get in and get out quickly. Plus, everyone wears iPods now, so talking to people is a whole procedure and I just avoid it. However, sometimes fate lends a hand. The other day the following three things happened to me all at once: I forgot my iPod; I was only one of two people in the cardio room; and the other person was a mad hottie. Read More >>

Here's Sunny

October 3, 2011 by

Here’s another Facebook hookup:

Meeting Felicity Part One

September 12, 2011 by

My job requires me to sit around a lot, waiting for my turn with others who do what I do. Usually I’m surrounded by old white men, but the other day I found myself sitting beside an absolute porn star in a tight-fitting business suit. Early twenties, brunette, nice tan, sexy high heels and massive breasts with spectacularly deep cleavage. At work. Tuesday morning. Unbelievable. Read More >>